Licence no. AU16666

State of the art commercial refrigeration equipment in Warrnambool

We will make your life that much easier. Keep it cool and give you the best.

If you are looking for commercial refrigeration equipment in Warrnambool, look no further. We have been delivering refrigeration solutions throughout the country for years and our trusted client base knows; we always deliver as promised and everything is of the highest quality possible. Contact Bee Cool Refrigeration Services today to get more information.

Commercial solutions

Commercial kitchen cooling systems

Bee Cool Refrigeration Services have been helping place commercial refrigeration equipment in Warrnambool for many restaurants, bars, hotels and catering companies. We provide the industrial refrigeration for some of your local grocery stores also.

Licence no. AU16666

Domestic solutions

Domestic fridge

Our expertise is in domestic air conditioning, as well as simple commercial refrigeration and air conditioning equipment. Our capacity to calculate and point to what your specific choices might be, can save huge amounts of money, and help keep the planet cleaner too.

Worldwide solutions

Boxes into plane

At Bee Cool Refrigeration Services, we figure our commercial refrigeration choices can not only save our clients lots of money, but increase the clean and green standard of the world at large. We think that is the best way to keep cooling everything, for our client’s products, as well as how the world turns.